South America 2016

In 2016 I took half a years leave from my job (software engineer / architect) and travelled to South America. The plan was simply to buy a motorbike in Santiago and then travel around for (roughly) half a year. While travelling I kept a blog to keep (mostly) family and friends oriented on where I was and what adventures I experienced. This blog is still available although, of course, not updated anymore 😉 These are the stories:

Returning to Santiago and to Denmark
For the impatient: Check out my hobby project Up Next DJ or read my book review of Thinking — Fast and slow. Or just skip down to the photos at the bottom of the page 😉 Arequipa and Iquique When I left you last, I had to some extend come to and end of my […]
Lake Titicaca, Machu Picchu, and Cusco
Lake Titicaca and Machu Picchu had been one of the few must-do things I had on my todo list when leaving Denmark – and now, here in July, I got to visit both 🙂 Lake Titicaca Lake Titicaca… what to say…? On one hand great to finally be at the famous lake – on the […]
The Madidi Jungle experience
So the main attraction the last week would be the Madidi Jungle tour. The jungle was not really part of my plan to begin with, but it seems that everybody was/is stoked on how great it is, so when the Madidi jungle popped up on my radar, I thought why not. But… I don’t know […]
Ruta 25
At the moment I am sitting in a hostel in La Paz. It was not my intention to go to La Paz, but well… problems with my motorbike and you don’t really get much help in the smaller cities. Even in La Paz, I think it is difficult to get decent spare parts for what […]
Bolivian electricity
Bonus gallery 🙂 Remember when you were a kid and you played with electricity? Your dad showed you how to pin 4 batteries and a light bulb to a wooden board using a handful of nails. Then you crudely attached a few wires to make the light bulb light. Perhaps a switch was introduced. All […]
Salar de Uyuni and entering Bolivia
So I am sitting here with my hotel complementary breakfast, and don’t quite know what to make of it. 1 white bun, a couple of crackers, butter, jam, warm milk, and juice. Not much for a tall Dane to go on. Oh well… But wait… why are you on a hotel? Well… the climate here […]
No news is good news, right?
As the title suggest, though it is almost 2 weeks since I last made a post, I don’t have much news. I spent some days in Santiago, fixing up my bike and playing with the lovely acro-crowd 🙂 I then shipped my bike to Antofagasta and took the bus myself, saving my self for (at […]
Meeting the Andes
While technically I have been traveling in the Andes for a while, I have now had my first encounter with the challenges of gaining higher altitude… here are a couple of tales 🙂 Parque de Nieve Cerro Wayle On my way up north through the western parts of Argentina, I drove through Parque de Nieve […]
All the seasons
I love autumn. I mean, really love. It is one of my favorite seasons. At least among top 4 😉 When September comes, I can almost not wait to get my hiking boots (or motorcycle) and get over to Sweden. Taking a walk in the beautiful Söderåsen – or any of their other beech forests, […]
Was this really what I wanted?
So I wanted to experience an adventure, took a plane to South America, bought a motorcycle, and drove off. Part of it was to try to be on my own again, camping out all alone, and experience the freedom of being all by myself. And after some “hard work” it finally seemed like I would […]
Lago Gral Carrera
I just updated the blog yesterday, but I have just driven 160km on the worst and most beautiful ever gravel road! It follows the shores of Lago Gral Carrera1: It is the worst ever2 because of the many ripples. Kilometers of hard gravel road that, at a distance, looks really good, but when you get […]
Down through Patagonia
Writing my last post, I had just dissed the ferry from Quellon (Chiloé) to Chaitén (on the mainland) because the timetable was kind of inconvenient and I thought I could drive around almost just as fast myself. Well… guess what… that did not happen 😮 Partly due to other ferries, partly due to Chile introducing […]
So… when I left you last time, I promised a photo of the active volcano. Well… it did not become a great photo – there was too much artificial light around it and no good places nearby to go with a good view and no light 🙁 But here goes: So not much has happened […]
A quick update… again the acroyoga family comes to the rescue. After a night in some not-so-fancy-hostel (read: small animal poop on the bathroom floor) I arrived in Concepción where Mónica lent me her bed while she snugged in with her flat mate. Had a great time doing acro (of course) and got introduced to […]
Leaving Santiago tomorrow…
The time is 02:14 and I have just finished packing my stuff up in my bag and panniers and (surprise surpise) the panniers are so large that I may not need to have anything in my backpack. I’m not sure that will hold up tomorrow when I pack the last couple of things in there, […]
Arriving in Santiago
After have been in Santiago for almost a week, I thought it was time for a small update. Arriving in Santiago Arriving in Santiago was easy. Almost too easy… In the airplane, forms regarding import restrictions are handed out to be filled out before customs. Nothing new here. There is one question asking whether you […]
The packing list
Only two days left to my departure and my todo-list is almost done. It’s a good feeling 🙂 Im looking so much forward to this. Excited and a little bit scared at the same time… Anyway… just wanted to share my packing list. A little bit for those who wonders what one brings on a […]
Last day @ work – 10 days left…
I just woke up, totally excited 😀 Today is the last day at my work before I take half a years leave. The plan is to go to South America and explore. Explore the culture, the people, the nature, and myself 🙂 Next to me, right now, is a pile of stuff that I’m planning […]

In addition to that, I also wrote a small (anticipted) FAQ, that you can find here: South America 2016 FAQ.

Finally, I had a page listing all images that I took on that trip. Since they are all geo-tagged, it kind of gave an impression of the (relatively very small) part of South America that I managed to visit. This is the gallery; you can find the map plotting the location of each image at the bottom of this page.

Enjoy 🙂