No news is good news, right?

As the title suggest, though it is almost 2 weeks since I last made a post, I don’t have much news. I spent some days in Santiago, fixing up my bike and playing with the lovely acro-crowd 🙂 I then shipped my bike to Antofagasta and took the bus myself, saving my self for (at least) 16 hours of driving. The idea was to skip the long distance riding and have some relaxing days instead – which I have had 🙂

Tomorrow, the plan is to go to San Pedro de Atacama. It is located in 2500m height. I will stay there a couple of days to let my body get a bit used to the height, and then try my luck with going to Bolivia. In Bolivia, I have no plans… I have been thinking of finding a nice place to stays for a week or two; there are a couple of options related to yoga retreats and to volunteering projects. But time will show… something is going to pop up in time 😉

So, you don’t have anything new at all, you might ask…? Well… one thing… I got all my photos geo-tagged and implemented google map displays on my photo albums. So go back through the blog posts, and below each photo album, you will find a map with the locations of my photos. I thought it would give you a good impression of where I have been.

Is that all? Yes… pretty much… except for a blue sky with pretty clouds 😉

Blue sky and clouds in Antofagasta

Blue sky and clouds in Antofagasta


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    Ole 2016-05-23

    No news can easily be good news. It is important to let the experiences settle in the mind.
    Bolivia have nice mountains, I have head.

    I managed to climb a 6b the other day. Haven’t climb that hard since 98/99. 🙂

    • jvc 2016-05-24

      Yes… On one hand I’m looking forward to them (the mountains) on the other hand, I’m a bit cautious wrt. altitude sickness. And great with the 6b 🙂 So you are getting younger again…? 😉

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