Leaving Santiago tomorrow…

The time is 02:14 and I have just finished packing my stuff up in my bag and panniers and (surprise surpise) the panniers are so large that I may not need to have anything in my backpack. I’m not sure that will hold up tomorrow when I pack the last couple of things in there, but still… surprisingly large panniers 🙂 Down side is that you cannot unmount the panniers easily. But oh well…

So, the last week has been with it’s up and downs. Just to mention the downs briefly… got my wallet stolen in an un-attentive moment in the metro. Not much harm done, except two days extra of paper work. Thanks to Tómas and Mick for great help here! And then it just takes bloody ages to prepare for a motorbike trip. Lots of details that need fixing, paper work, and then buying stuff (you think) you need in a country where you barely speak the language… Think you can just go down to the local super market, find some duct tape, and be back for lunch half an hour later…? Think again. And thank good for empanadas 😮

On the bright side we have

  • Bought a Kawasaki KLR 650 ready to go on tour 😀 Not so many pictures yet – but you can get two from the midnight packing session 😉
Midnight packing session - almost ready for tour :-)

Midnight packing session – almost ready for tour 🙂

Midnight packing session - almost ready for tour :-)

Midnight packing session – almost ready for tour 🙂

  • Been staying some time with Mick and Tómas, learned a little bit about motorcycle maintenance
  • Been hanging out with the local acroyoga group in Santiago. I simply love how the acroyoga family is, yes, just one big family. It takes 5 minutes, and then you are part of something beautiful with lots of smiles and joy 🙂 Best thing ever! Again, though, not so many pictures… or none at all :-/ But a small video was taken today 🙂

Where will I be going tomorrow…? I actually don’t quite know… that is part of the beauty of it 😀 But south… I think the aim is Puerto Montt and Isla Grande de Chiloé within the next week… but we will see 🙂


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    Marianne Stæhr Olsen 2016-03-20

    Hej Jørn –

    Feedt at følge dine oplevelser!
    Og sej acroyoga-video! Wow 😃
    Fedt at det er en slags world wide family.
    Fortsat god tur, glæder mig til at læse næste update. Pas på dig selv 🙂

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    Jo 2016-03-25

    crazy pics and photos from acroyoga, is that the ‘goat beard’ you grew there?:) or just my blindness/low quality video?:) I think I get the feeling that you start really enjoying your trip! go with the wind:D

    • jvc 2016-03-25

      Goat beard!?!?!? No, not yet. And the video is definitely hi quality, so you better see an eye doctor :-p

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