South America 2016 (anticipated) FAQ

So… I took half a years leave from my work to seek out an old dream I have had for years… Exploring South America by motor bike 🙂 The plan is kind of short…
1. Fly to Santiago
2. Buy a motorbike
3. Travel around in a slow pace, using a combination of camping, hostels and CouchSurfing for accomodation.
4. When time comes, get back to Santiago, sell my bike, and fly home.

Anticipated FAQ:

  • So… that’s a pretty slim plan… don’t you have a lot you want to see?
    Yes and no. I have received a lot of recommendations on what to see (big thanks to all of you) which I have written down as options while I go. Patagonia in the south and Inca ruins in Peru are pretty high on my list of want-to-see. But the rest is just to see what happens and keep a comfortable pace.
  • Do you have experience with motorbikes?
    Yes and no. I own a BMW K100RS back in Denmark which I absolutely love to drive 🙂 But that’s a street bike… coming to a gravel road or offroad driving, I’m a bit more on thin ice 😮
  • No… what I meant was with fixing your bike in case it breaks down in the middle of nowhere…
    Yeah… let’s just hope it doesn’t do that 😮
  • How about camping?
    A bit more experience. Mostly from hiking and climbing trips in Sweden. I just bought a new tent for this trip that I’m very excited about 🙂 I seems like a really nice tent and I’m very much looking forward to see how it holds up.
  • Ok – so you have done this before?
    Sort of. I had 6 weeks of travels in New Zealand back in 2007, also on a motorbike. But half a year of travels? No, not really.
  • Who are you travelling with?
    No one. Myself. At least for a start. Perhaps I will meet someone and join paths – but for now just solo.
  • Isn’t it dangerous? I mean… South America and travelling on your own?
    Well… Compared to living in Copenhagen with own apartment and steady job – yes. Almost everything else is more dangerous than this. But, you know…

    Your comfort zone - Where the magic happens...

    Where the magic happens…

    A bit more serious… Columbia has had a reputation as being very dangerous – but that has improved the last 5 to 8 years. These years it is Venezuela that is the place to avoid. But taking the advice of my friend Annette Birkman (who did this trip in 2007 – also through Columbia and Mexico) most of the dangers can be avoided by assessing the situation, talk to the locals for advice, and keep an open mind.

    But, to be honest, I’m planning to keep my travels to the west coast; the stories from the big cities in Brazil and Argentina kind of scares me.

  • Ok, but you do speak Spanish, right?
    No, sorry. Only the very basics. But you know… learn as I go 🙂
  • Sorry – didn’t catch your name…
    No? I’m Jørn. I’m 34 years old, from Denmark and almost 2m tall. Makes sense with the blog name, right?

See you out there 🙂

Climbing trip to Murcia, Spain.

Climbing trip to Murcia, Spain.