Lago Gral Carrera

I just updated the blog yesterday, but I have just driven 160km on the worst and most beautiful ever gravel road! It follows the shores of Lago Gral Carrera1:

Lago Gral Carrera

It is the worst ever2 because of the many ripples. Kilometers of hard gravel road that, at a distance, looks really good, but when you get closer, is full of ripples (created by the traffic). You have two options… drive really really slow. That is 10km/h or so. Or drive fast (60-70km/h) that so you fly over the ripples. The trouble is that either you reach a bend in the road and you have to decelerate, or (worse) some bigger holes or ripples comes up and the fast approach do not work. Either way… it requires quite some attention to drive on and is very tiresome. Also, it rattles loose the bolts on your bike 🙁

But! It is also the most beautiful ever road to drive on. The turquoise blue/green water. The mountains. The green/yellow color of the starting autumn. It is absolutely amazing. Every bend there is a photo opportunity, and is why I just had to post a separate post with images from today. And also because tomorrow I expect to go into Argentina; if I read the map correctly, the landscape is going to change quite a bit. Argentina is rather flat and non-green (in these parts) compared to the landscape I have just driven in in Chile.

  1. The second largest lake in South America. Part of it is in Chile, part of it is in Argentina. 
  2. Ok, ok, maybe not the worst ever in the world, but the worst road I have ever driven… 

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    Tom 2016-04-11

    Wow. That is one hell of a view. The water look so inviting. Can understand why you had to share these photos. 🙂

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