Down through Patagonia

Writing my last post, I had just dissed the ferry from Quellon (Chiloé) to Chaitén (on the mainland) because the timetable was kind of inconvenient and I thought I could drive around almost just as fast myself. Well… guess what… that did not happen 😮 Partly due to other ferries, partly due to Chile introducing gravel roads 😮 But… it was a good choice none the less, because basically from Puerto Monnt (where I updated my blog last) and downwards, the landscape just kept getting more and more beautiful and interesting1.

On the way south I have also started to meet the first other biker companions. First I met Horacio and we kind of formed a need-friendship; we were both looking for solutions to the, hm… challenging ferry timetables, and he seemed almost as challenged by the dirt roads as I felt. On the other hand, the language barrier (he knew less English than my poor Spanish) made it difficult to have a fluent conversation. But practice makes better… 🙂

Later, in Coyhaique, I had an appointment to stay with Patty and Fabian (couch surfing). They live in a small (50m2) house divided into 3 rooms. It had been raining all day and I had been looking forward to spread my things out to get them dry. The house seemed a little compact, but I thought it would be ok. Then to my surprise Fabian announced that they had also accepted 3 other guests as a last minute request. I felt a little panic for my plan to go awash. How would we manage 6 persons (4 of us wet and with motorcycle gear) in this small house? But all went really well, and we all stayed there 3 nights 🙂

At the moment, I am sharing a cabaña with 3 Spanish travelers – also on motorbikes. I met them on the way to Puerto Tranquillo (where I am now) and we went on a small sight-seeing trip together to see some marble caves. Beautiful. But this time I let the language barrier sit, and stuffed myself away with my computer and blog update. It seemed a bit more relaxing than trying to learn more Spanish right now 😮

Tomorrow I will drive towards the Argentinian border. Just before the border there is a city named Chile Chico. Perhaps I will stay there a day, perhaps I will just go into Argentina and see what the fuss is about2 😉

  1. I have (wrongly) tagged this post Patagonia. Wrongly because Patagonia actually starts up at Valdivia (and therefore I have been driving in Patagonia almost since I left Villarica), and because Patagonia stretches over in Argentina. Actually, it is my impression that Patagonia covers more of Argentina than it covers Chile. At least in real estate. Don’t know about percentage ;-) 
  2. Well, for one thing… the Italian travelers (from Patty and Fabian) told me that everything is half price there. So that’s a good start ;-) 


  1. Reply
    Tom 2016-04-10

    Nice pics. I really loved the one from the cave. That must have been a really great sight. 🙂
    I can understand your panic with the small house, 6 people and wet gear. That can not have been easy. Glad you managed after all.
    I really enjoy following you on your travel log. Looking forward to your next post. 🙂
    Drive safe and good luck with your travels in Argentina. 😉

    • jvc 2016-04-10

      Well the panic was mostly the first night when I was hungry and tired. When Italian people say that they will do something, go find a book. We ate at midnight 🙁 But! They were really cosy and fun to be with, so I am glad that it worked out the way it did 🙂 As a friend told me: It’s all part of the magic 🙂

      And thanks for the feedback. I have been contemplating back and forth on how much and often I should update the blog. So glad you like it 🙂

  2. Reply
    Annette 2016-04-13

    Fantastiske fotos – og jeg genkender mange af stederne! Skønt!

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