A quick update… again the acroyoga family comes to the rescue. After a night in some not-so-fancy-hostel (read: small animal poop on the bathroom floor) I arrived in Concepción where Mónica lent me her bed while she snugged in with her flat mate. Had a great time doing acro (of course) and got introduced to aerial silks. Definitely one of the more strength-requirering sports to do. At least when you have no technique nor patience to learn it 😉 Big thanks and warm hugs to Camila for having such great patience with my non-existing spanish, and to Noelia – just for having a great time together. I’m gonna miss you! 🙂

Yesterday I drove the 400km (by small roads) from Concepción to Villarica, where I crossed my first small bridge, and got my first inauguration into gravel-road driving. I think it went well – considering I did not get the off-road course in Santiago, but instead only read about it in a magazine. I only had 2 near-falls and one time ending in the grass next to the road 🙂 Today I woke up in Villarica; a nice little (tourist-oriented) town with an active volcano. Yes, you can see the red glow from the top of it in the night. Need to take a picture of that.

Anyway… Sun is shining, and already spent too much time in front of the computer… Take care 🙂


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    Tom 2016-03-25

    That Aerial Silk stuff sure look fancy. Maybe a new sport to take with you back home. 🙂
    Thank you for the update. Always nice to follow your travels.

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    Marianne Stæhr Olsen 2016-03-27

    Nice tale tall man 🙂

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