Teaching schedule

Since August 2017 I have been a bit in an up-rooted state of life. I quit my job as a software architect, took the Partner Acrobatics Teacher Training and started travelling a bit – which became to be a lot. Fun and good memories – and a bit of teaching acro 🙂

Here you will find my current teaching schedule. If you would like to plan a workshop with me – in Denmark or elsewhere – don’t hesitate to contact me.

Until then, take care.

Acroyoga Summer Festival Belgium 2019

Start date: 2019-06-20

End date: 2019-06-23

Location: Belgium, outside Brussels

Acroyoga Summer Festival Belgium 2019

Teaching at the 3rd edition of the Belgium Summer Festival arranged by Tatjana t’Felt, Marie Marécaux and Grégory Thirion. Join me and have fun 🖤

Danish Acroyoga Festival

Start date: 2019-07-16

End date: 2019-07-20

Location: Copenhagen, Denmark

Danish Acroyoga Festival

Teaching at the first Danish Acroyoga Festival organised by Emil Ingemann. Join us. Have loads of fun 🖤