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Flyer position for entry to bird

Are you aware of where you position yourself (as a flyer) when you enter bird? Do you want to help your base give you a smooth entry? Check out this little tip 🙂

Cartwheel into eH2H

This is still very much work-in-progress. One could even say that this is still above my level and she’s doing all the work. But still… I am happy that I got the chance to try this 🙂 🙂 🙂

Also… for inspiration… note the couple in the ropes in the background 🙂

Tight Rope Ballerina

Memories from Budapest in September. This video got a little bit more artistic in the cutting and I decided to leave in a couple of fails. You know… just for fun.

Thank you, as always, Anita for playing with me. Hope to see you again soon. ❤️️

And thank you Geri for helping record this, and to Anna for the creational work 🙂

Flyer: Anita Kajor a.k.a. YogAnita
Base: Jørn Christensen
Creators: Anna Biebl, Anita Kajor, and Jørn Christensen
Track: I Wanne Be Loving You by Sam Garbett.

Shower gratefulness

A friend of mine is living in Rotterdam with her old high school friend. One really feel that they enjoy living together, and then – in the shower – one finds this little note block:

Thoughtful moments in the shower

I liked the idea and the thought process – and before I knew it, I found I had filled a page as well:

I may have missed some things… like sitting in (big) windows enjoying a book or just the view 🙂

Hugs ❤

Sticks ‘n’ Sushi

Can’t believe that it has been more than a year since I got to film my last washing machine (The Morning Routine) but now, again thanks to Anita, here it is… Sticks ‘n’ Sushi. Hope you like it 🙂

Flyer: Anita Kajor a.k.a. YogAnita
Base: Jørn Christensen
Creators: Anna Vainö, Anita Kajor, and Jørn Christensen
Track: Paint the Sky by Jeris featuring MissJudged.


I told her to turn around. She did not listen. Now her butt is on the internet 🐝

Double flag

Those guys in Odense know how to hang out ☺

Flyers are Signe and Norberta. Thank you to Lars and René for spotting 🙂

Danish concept store

Travelling in different parts of the world, you are always happy to see Danish products and designs. This one, though, I am not sure whether to be particular proud about or just laugh at…

Danish concept store

Danish concept store

Ps.: For non-Danish persons… Skat is our IRS 😀
Pps.: This is from Beirut, Lebanon.
Ppps.: A friend tells me it is the Byblos bank….

Acro in a hammock? Of course :-)

Thank you once again, Karoliina, for amazing days. Fun training and good company!

Bonus material

Naomi and me trying to do the same about 2½ years ago…

Chocolate balls

When your country of (temporary) residence does not have decent chocolate…. DIY 🙂

Chocolate balls

… next time I need to make smaller balls… they were pretty heavy!

Thank you, Gape, for the inspiration and recipe.

For others, here you go 🙂

  • 500g cocoa powder
  • 250g coconut oil
  • Coconut milk
  • Honey and salt

To be honest… I just played it by hand, adding some oats as well. Worked brilliantly. Keep them cool 🙂